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Forge Motorsport Inlet Duct for BMW F Chassis (1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series)

Forge Motorsport Inlet Duct for BMW F Chassis (1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series)

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BMW designed the intake path to pull air from the low-pressure zone in front of the radiator, however during testing we found that there is a drop in performance at speeds above 35mph when compared to FMINLD2. By creating a direct air feed to the inlet tract, this helps to force air towards the airbox/intake helping with throttle response and keeping inlet air temperatures (IAT’s) at a reduced and more consistent temperature. A reduced consistent temperature is of great importance because any high temperature peaks will cause the ECU to retard the ignition and reduce the power you have available.

By utilising 3D Scanning and 3D Printing we were able to test several variations to find the optimum design to redirect the airflow. The BMW F20 M140i, F30 330D/335D had 3D printed variants fitted to them during the development process for long term road testing before we moved into the production process. Although the vehicles named above were the choice of our development engineers the inlet ducts are not limited to the vehicles in question, please look at our compatibility list for the full range of vehicles.

FMINLD2 is a simple bolt-on product which is easy to fit in approximately 45 minutes with no specialist tool, drilling or cutting required. Not only is the Forge part a better option for performance, but the carbon fibre really helps to give the front of your BMW a pleasant aesthetic appearance. The high-quality composite fibre is manufactured from 100% prepreg 2x2 carbon fibre twill formed in an autoclave from billet tooling and finished with an anti UV gloss gel coat. The Forge Motorsport lifetime warranty on all our hardware products shows the trust we have in the quality of our products while they are being enjoyed on your pride and joy.

FMINLD2 has been tested across multiple different F chassis vehicles and depending on your vehicle you will require a different sided inlet duct, or in some cases both. For example, the M140i has its intake on the driver’s side (RHD) and requires INLD2-P, the F30 330D/335D has its intake on the passenger’s side (RHD) and requires INLD2-D and if desired, you can fit both left and right with INLD2-M.  

The below infographic helps to explain what inlet duct fits your vehicle however, any car can run both if you prefer the symmetrical aesthetic appearance.

Why not complement our forced induction air ducts with our Forge Motorsport replacement high flow panel filter for the BMW B48/B58 (FMPAN-0172) for the OEM airbox, or alternatively one of our performance high-quality induction kits or inlet hoses.

Time taken to install - around 45 minutes

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